Encounter/Super-Bill Designing

At Best IT Experts we help you by creating a new encounter form or assist you in updating your existing form with latest diagnosis and procedure codes. We clearly understand that every step of the medical billing process is important and thus ensure to start it with clean encounter forms. Incorrect or invalid codes in the encounter form causes rejections and denials, this in turn affects the cash flow.

An Encounter form or Superbill or Charge Sheet is a very important document in the medical billing process. A healthcare provider indicates all the diagnosis and procedures of a patient in the encounter form. An encounter form is filled in by the provider for each patient’s visit. Medical billers use this form to enter charges in the practice management software.

We take the time and carefully draft a clean specialty specific encounter form. Our forms are easy to read with all the commonly used codes by our clients. It also covers patient information like Name, Date of Birth, Date of Service, Insurance Name, Patient Payments, Location and more.

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